2010 Amtrak Vacation   Share

Our 2010 Amtrak Train Vacation started in Flint Michigan taking the train to the Union Station in Chicago, IL.   From there we took the California Zephyr Route across the country to San Fransisco, CA.   After spending a few day in San Fransisco we headed south to Los Angeles by way of the Coast Starlight Route.  From there we took a bus to Las Vegas, after one night in Vegas we headed to Laughlin,NV for 4 days.   After spending a wonderful time in Laughlin we took the Southwest Chief back to Chicago before heading back home to Michigan.   What a fantastic way to travel if you have the time.   I would highly recommend traveling across the county by Amtrak, well at least the routes we took.   We look forward to future Amtrak trips.   Do expect delays, the food is only fair and over-priced,  The service is overall friendly but not what I would call up to what it should be.   All in all we will travel this way again, hopefully soon.

California Zephyr                                          

                San Francisco, CA                                        

Coast Starlight                                           

Laughlin, NV                                                             

Southwest Chief



            Map of Amtrak Routes